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    Jan 19, 2011
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    I hadn't been getting many eggs. I chalked it up to molt. However, I haven't even been getting any duck eggs, and they are 2012 ducks and lay almost everyday.

    I was filling up their waterers, before I gave them feed this morning, when a duck plopped out an egg in the grass near me. I left it there, since I'd grab it on my way out (I've crushed a few eggs in my sweatshirt pocket when I forget they are there). Well, within a minute or two, as I was standing right there finishing up, one of my black copper marans walked over to the egg, pecked a hole in it, and started eating.

    I shooed her away of course and tossed the ruined egg in a garbage can so she could not finish. And as soon as I filled up the feeder she was as happy as clam. But I am wondering if I should cull her? I'd hate to do it, she is my best layer. She is in full molt at the moment, but she lays a big egg on a very consistent basis.
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    Hi Stacykins,

    There is a plastic device called 'bumper bits' that fits over a chickens beak. Here is a link to some photos.

    Although it is designed to stop feather pecking in a flock, I hear that it also can prevent a hen from pecking through an egg shell. Maybe a device instead of a cull? It is amazing how fast an egg eater gets an egg. I think maybe they have radar.
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