Egg eating silkie


6 Years
Aug 28, 2013
A silkie that I bought this week ate a egg. :he. She was expensive and she is the cutest little thing. Giving her away and culling her is obviously not an option. I put white goofballs in here cage and she thinks they are eggs. She won't stop pecking the goofballs. Do you think she will realize that she cannot break them and give up, or will she keep on trying. She is so cute and ideally like her:( Thankyou!!
Blow out some eggs and fill them with dawn dishsoap. Then leave them in the coop for her to break into. She'll get a mouthful of dishsoap and she won't like that one bit. After it happens to her enough she'll decide that breaking into eggs actually isn't fun and that they actually taste nasty, and she'll stop doing it.

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