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  1. Heni Penny

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    Nov 14, 2014
    I have read not to wash the eggs unless you plan to use them immediately. Sometimes our eggs get a bit dirty on the outside. So far I have not washed any (the hens just finished the withdraw time from deworming and I wanted to use the store bought eggs before I used the ones from our ladies) but have put them in the refrigerator (only because it's very cold outside so logically, the temp in the coop is more similar to the frige than the counter). I assume I should wash them right before use (and not before putting them in the fridge). Thoughts?
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    Aug 17, 2014
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    Washing them removes the bloom, the natural protective layer. After that they require refrigeration. If you want to keep them out you can just wipe any dirt off with a paper towel. Any poo I would wash them with warm water. Do not use cold water, that causes the egg to shrink and can pull contaminates into the shell. If you are putting them in the fridge without washing them you might be cross-contaminating whatever you store the eggs in.
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    I wash our eggs if they are soiled, and we refrigerate them. If you intend to keep them on your kitchen counter at room temperature, then it is better if they are not washed. If they are washed, then the protective coating is washed off , and likely to spoil sooner. But not right away. I would not keep dirty eggs on my counter . that is why I wash and refrigerate. Store bought eggs are all washed to my understanding. I also heard that they are slightly bleached in the process. I heard this from a friend farmer a while ago. It makes the eggs all uniform white. The bleach I'm sure will also kill surface bacteria as well.
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    Aug 17, 2014
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    Store eggs have to be washed since they are laid into the poop filled cages the hens live in.
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    Feb 16, 2014
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    If mine area really poopy, I wash them and stick them in the fridge. This is seldom the case. If they are only a little bit dirty I just wipe them off with a paper towel or something and leave them on the counter in a basket. Some people wash before use, I don't bother and we haven't died yet. Unless it was really poopy/muddy mine don't see water before they're eaten.

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