Egg has hole at wrong end

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    Mar 28, 2013
    image.jpeg I have an egg at day 21. It's the last of 7...all others have hatched. I thought it had pipped yesterday. After 24 hours, I picked a small piece of shell off and it bled. I put wet paper towel on the area and increased the humidity.
    I've now noticed what I thought was a pip is at the wrong end of the egg. I see feathers, not beak in the hole. I do see movement and hear cheeping.
    Do I wait for a pip at the other end? Another small piece of shell fell off around the hole. Do you think it's a hole caused by another chick or a pip?
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    We have the big brother of your bator, just used it for the first time!

    We had a "breach chick" also this last time. It was making no progress after the others were out, despite being the first to pip.

    The bleeding suggests it may not be quite ready to hatch (i understand blood vessels in the membrane should mostly be inactive by then). And it may not have fully absorbed the yolk sack either then, in which case it isnt ready. Be cautious of intervening too much or too quickly--hatching is a process, not just an event...

    But is the chick still peeping and moving? does it still seem lively now and then or does it seem to be weakening? These could be the sort of clues that might suggest when and if to intervene--more so than hours elapsed or comparison with the other eggs.

    Perhaps someone with more xp than either of us can offer more suggestions... gl!
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    Mar 28, 2013
    Yes, it's chirping and moving around. I picked off most of the shell and wet the membrane with a qtip. I put it back in the incubator surrounded by wet paper towels. It's rocking back and forth but can't break through the membrane. It wants out! I can't tell where the head is.
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    With active bleeding/veining there's not much you can do as far as assisting. I'd be worried about where the beak is if not at the 'pip'. I would definitely put a light coat of Vaseline, non pain relief neosporin or coconut oil, over the exposed membrane to keep it moist. In my opinion at this point, until the veins recede there's not much you can do but wait.
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