Egg in bator - is this right? Help please!!

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    The history - just yesterday, I lost 14 of my 16 chicks (not guineas), as they were all shrink wrapped. The guineas are due to hatch any time now and I am really, really concerned that I am going to have the same problem with these. The worst part is that I don't have the ability to see into the egg - shell is too thick/light not bright enough.

    I just looked into my bator and found this egg...


    Does this look right? The break is on the side and down near the narrow end. Does the membrane look dry? I can see the chick inside moving, but does it need help getting out? I don't want to lose any more chicks and this one is still alive right now. If someone can tell me what I should do (even if it is to leave my darn hands out), I would greatly appreciate it!!

    Oh yeah...and if this one needs help, do I need to consider the others at this point too?!

    I hope to hear from someone soon...waited too long on one yesterday and lost it... [​IMG]

    Thank you, in advance!!
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    It is a little low, but that is not the membrane. The membrane would be under that part. The part you can see that you think is the membrane always looks dry. What is your humidity at? Try to get it to at least 65%, you can put some warm, wet paper towels in there to bump it up. As long as you can see the keet moving, it is fine. If it gets stuck it won't be able to move very well, and will probably cry a lot.

    ETA: since there is no blood at the pip, it is not a problem. I've had many guinea eggs that had the air cells on the side instead of the top, so that could be why you couldn't see, and also why it has pipped there.
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