EGG in my BRA is CHEEPING!!!!! Pic Update post #126


9 Years
Aug 10, 2010
Gig Harbor, WA
OK I know this is the only place I could post this and share what is going on at my house the last 24 hours!

I had 5 eggs under my first time broody hen Jill and after 4 hatched she was off the nest and tending to them. I felt bad for the left over egg since it was cold. It was one that I could see in and there is a chick in it. I put it in my bra all day yesterday to keep it warm. Then put it out under her last night while she was sleeping. In the morning she was off the nest again with chicks and the egg had pipped over night!!!!!

So..... I put it back in my bra and off to work I went
About an hour ago it started CHEEPING!!!!! It is alive and I can see it in the little hole moving around! I hope it is ok the rest of the work day and then I can sneak it back under her tonight to finish hatching!!

Has anyone ever done with before, or have I completely lost my mind LOL!!!!!
I just couldn't let it die since it was a day behind the others!
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That is the best story EVER. I've never done that! How did you keep from smooshing it? With my luck, I would have forgotten was there.
I've heard of people doing this. You guys are amazing. Hope all goes well (and that someone with actual experience will give you greater insight).

Pics please...

Good for you... you saved that baby... and I hope mommy is happy when it hatches out tonight.

Best of luck and keep us informed.

There was a lady on here that had done it too and hatched the chick successfully - the name she gave it was great - it is possible - hopefully she will see this and help you -

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