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May 17, 2017
I want to get a mix of chicken breeds. That are egg layers. That are not broody. The catalog that I have said broody infrequently to broody no. I know that chickens have an order of who the top hen can be. What I would like to know if I would put a leghorn with a gentle docile type bird. Would that be a bad idea. I've raised 2 batches of chickens. But both times they were the same breed. I have never had a mix of chicken breeds. Can a leghorn be somewhat tamed tp be not flighty or skiddish? Thank you for your time and thoughts.
Personally I don't worry about that kind of stuff. Each chicken has an individual personality that often outweighs any supposed breed tendencies. There are plenty of posts on here where the supposedly docile hen is the one that is the terror in the henhouse even with aggressive breeds present.

Can you tame a leghorn to be a lap chicken? Some are easier than others but usually, yes you can. Some is how you go about it, food is a great incentive. And patience, don't force the issue. Some is luck of the draw on its personality, regardless of breed.

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