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Feb 26, 2011
Wasn't sure where to post this. I've been looking here and BackYardHerds a lot recently. I am looking to get maybe 4 chickens. I believe the law in my city says you cant raise chickens for meat, still looking into that. Anyway, I know this is the meat chicken forum, but couldn't find an egglayer forum. What are some good egg layers for the Colorado Springs Co climate?
Thanks for any advice.
Basically, the whole forum is an egg layers forum. I'll link Henderson's for you; it gives the hardiness for each breed, R/T hot and cold climates. I imagine most breeds would do fine for you, with a properly ventilated coop, and shade and breeze if it gets hot. There's also a BYC breeds chard linked at the top of the index page.
ddawn, thanks for the link, I never realized there were that many breeds. I plan on a well ventilated coop and I will also be raising meat rabbits. If I can convince my wife that it is OK to raise them in town.
I have 2 red sex links (production reds) that lay BIG light brown eggs. The Ameraucanas are fun, we have a blue and a turquoise layer.

Meat chickens only take 2-3 months to get ready. By the time you get officially told you can't raise them for meat, you already will have them in the freezer.
Such regulations on birds for meat are ridiculous. Many convince their local officials to allow chickens by convincing them that they are not livestock, and are merely pets that also happen to lay eggs, so you end up with ordinances that say you can't raise birds for meat or butcher a bird on your premises. It doesn't matter that their ordinances allow you raise layer hens while at the same time it is generally permissible to buy a bird at a live market and process it yourself for dinner. Under their rules you just can't combine the two by raising birds and butchering the same...

Like others have said, how would they really know you are using them for meat? You just tell them that those eight pound, white birds that you had last week died from something or another, or ran away and you haven't been able to find them.

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