Egg Laying and Storms


5 Years
Jun 4, 2014
Victoria, Australia.
Last night we had a massive storm. It was quite the sound and light show, with torrential rain and cracking thunder, and went for about an hour.

This morning when I went to the coop, it was dry inside but one of my 6 hens had laid a soft shelled egg on the window sill (weird!) There was also a soft shelled egg under the roost. I usually get a soft shelled egg every few days (despite feeding layers pellets and shell grit) but two before 8am was a bit of a surprise.

Would/could getting a fright from a storm affect egg laying?

Everyone else seems ok. Two others have not laid as yet today, one is a Momma with a chickie and they seem happy as ever, and one Broody is still glued to her nest on Day 3.

The rooster was anxious to get outside into the run, but I suspect that was more to look for treats. Georgie is a pudding cup who loves his food!

- Krista
Historically there's always been anecdotes that stated chooks were commonly thrown off by severe weather events. I've occasionally seen the hens experience unexpected breaks in laying during extreme weather. It's definitely a possibility.

Best wishes.

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