Egg laying on the Floor of the Coop


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Why Would my one hen that is laying start laying on the floor of the coop instead of in one of the ten nice nesting boxes on the wall? I even have golf balls in them!! Any suggestions? Is this hen just confused?
I can't be of much help except to say it could be worse... my sweet four month old BR who has just started laying has laid all four eggs on the poop board!!!

I feel your pain!! Hopefully, they will get the idea. I've left two of her eggs in one of the nesting boxes in hopes she will be inspired.
my hens where laying outside and crows were eating the eggs. So I made a nice wooden box filled with straw and i woke the next morning to find all my five eggs a day in the box The Next day
I have one that does that evey time she lays. She sits in a corner under the sink instead of in a nest box like the rest of them. I caught here and moved her but she just doesn't want to lay in the box. I think I am going to have to stick something under there so she can't get under there.
I have plastic nests in the boxes, read that they are easier to keep clean... I just put some hay on top of that. I hope that will entice them to enter the boxes to lay.... Will keep you posted.
Even Funnier, I just found egg number 2 today, so from another hen, in the other corner of the floor of the coop! EEERRRRR
What nesting material are you using??? Mine seem to prefer the nest with the shaving over the nestboxe with the straw....Also, are the nestboxes in a bright spot??? Hens seem o prefer darker, more private areas....Just some thoughts...
My silkies have been laying for about a week and show no interest in being in a nest box, I've put them in and they get right out.

My d'Uccle is a lap chicken, beyond just tame, she comes when called and follows me around the yard. When she started "nesting" on the floor, I picked her up and set her in the box and now she puts every one in the box. I'm hoping she can have a word with the rest of the girls and educate them.
I have a hen who consistantly lays her egg in the feeder. Almost every day when I go to gather eggs, there's one in there. She only lays on the scratch, never on the cracked corn.

Silly hen!


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