Egg laying problem with new hens

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  1. I recently got some hens from a friend that has a real bad problem with racoons. He lost quite a few of them. Then he sold them to me because he didn't want them to die. My question is, given the stress of the coon and then the move how long of a possibility am I going to have to wait before i start seeing the egg laying come back? Any suggestions would be great I know there are no definites but a general range of replies would be most helpful.[​IMG]
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    Well that is unfortunate for your friend.[​IMG] Too bad he couldn't rid himself of the coon problem, rather than the chickens.

    I suspect that it will be at least a couple of weeks, depending on how fast they settle in. Did you put them in with other hens that you already had, or do they have the place to themselves? If they have to deal with the pecking order resort, it may put them off even longer.

    If they have a secure, comfortable coop, and they are eating and drinking well, and had previously been laying, it shouldn't be to long.
  3. The hens that i have in there right now are a 7 week barred rock that i actually got from him as a hatchling. His problem is so bad that he has shot more than 6 racoons in the past month. one of which killed his last few barred rock breeders. and the other hen is a RIR that i got from him as well. She is still laying and all in there knew each other previoulsy except for my little one. Now my RIR is still laying an egg a day.

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