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Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by rdj, Mar 28, 2009.

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    Oct 5, 2008
    I'm relativly new to chickens. We got three golden comets last Sept. We consistantly have gotten 1 to 2 eggs per day since. All of the hens are the same age, they were a year old when we got them. I just thought it was caused by molting that we have never gotten 3 eggs per day.
    About a two months ago we started seeing a third egg smashed in the coop maybe once per 10 days. Now, a couple of weeks ago we started seeing a third egg maybe 3 to 4 times since that is the size of a malted milk ball. When you bust it there appears to be no yoke. Any ideas? Is this normal or is there a problem.

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    Those small eggs are normal, especially when they first start laying. Takes a while for the plumbing to start working! It's also very normal to not get an egg a day from each hen. They lay on a 25 hour schedule. I have 10 hens and I think the most I've ever had in one day was 7. No worries - your girls are perfectly normal!
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    Those eggs sound like the wind eggs (fart eggs) of young pullets. Are you sure those chickens were a year old when you got them?
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    That sounds pretty odd -- definitely not like they were a year old at the time. I would also wonder what they are eating? I have golden comets, and get an egg a day from each of them. They are supposed to be the best layers, so what you're reporting is not normal IMO. My girls only stop laying when they: a) don't get enough protein b) don't get enough calcium c) are kept indoors for more than two days (they're free-range brats, and their big run isn't acceptable, apparantly) or d)are molting. You can easily augment protein with field peas (split peas), soybeans or mealworms. Calcium with oyster shells.

    Also -- do they have a nice big egg-laying box? My girls will also stop laying for a day or two when I change the bedding in their nest box (which I rarely do since they almost never poo in there).

    Just some ideas...

    Good luck -- hope you get more eggs soon! Though I am sure even without the eggs they are entertaining you [​IMG]

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