Egg Laying question


10 Years
Oct 6, 2009
I have one hen which lays everyday but the egg shell has a small hole at the pointed end of each egg, What would cause this. They have oyster shell meal, and all the good lay mash they want. fresh water, clean coop. The shell just does'nt seam complete, small hole BB size.
Is she a new layer? Sometimes when a pullet first starts laying it takes her awhile to get all the kinks worked out.
No she has been laying about six months, Ive given her time to adjust but it just keeps happening everyday, I have 31 hens so mayby it time to have 30. I keep the eggs, hard boil them and feed them back with the mash I use.
What does it matter if you are just feeding the eggs back to your flock? An imperfect egg doesn't mean much if they are just winding up back in the feeder!

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