Egg laying question


9 Years
Mar 22, 2010
I have 2 Rouens (about 2 years old) and their 3 "babies" who are 7months old however they are Rouen/Pekin Mix, well about a month ago the babies were laying, I was getting 4-5 eggs a day, past couple week I'm only getting 2 eggs, assuming from my Rouens bc they have always laid eggs daily even during winter. Is this normal for the other 3 to just quit after such a short time.? Is it due to being a Pekin mix? Do Pekins not lay eggs often??? And they are in an enclosed run so they aren't laying anywhere else, everyone has always laid eggs in the house. I use a child's rake (AKA: my egg finder) to comb the entire house daily, so the eggs are not possibly hidden somewhere.

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