Egg laying


Sep 10, 2017
two of my three hens are laying eggs daily but at separate times. They will only use one nesting box. How do I get them to use the other nesting boxes?
:lau:lau Good luck, and if you find a way to do it, let the rest of us know!

Seriously tho, hens are very weird. They assume the nest that has eggs in it, or another hen in it, is THE place to be! The best nest. I have never been able to change my girls minds. And sometimes I get this...a double or triple decker. One laying on top of the other.
Out of the 4 boxes in my coop, the girls all use the same one. I don't see it as a problem, that's just the way those crazy girls are :lol:
Mine all line up at the favorite nest box and carry on, screeching and pacing and generally annoying the one who's trying to lay. They wanna rush her out of there to get their turn. Sometimes they jump in 2 or 3 at a time. I'm like "hellooo, there are empty boxes!" Weirdos.
Ok well then we will carry on as we are. Thanks for all the quick replies. I was kind of worried that if I didn’t get the first egg out then when the other hen goes to lay she would break it but chickens don’t weight much so maybe that won’t happen.

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