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Mar 21, 2016
East TN
Quick question about the egg life longevity. When I get some eggs, I will brush some of the bedding off and place it in a re-used egg carton. I just found out, my fiance has been washing them with water and placing them in the cartons.

How long will the eggs last if they are not washed and not refrigerated

How long will they eggs last if they are not washed and refrigerated

How long will the eggs last if they are washed and not refrigerated

How long will the eggs last if they are washed and refrigerated.

Thanks for all the help, i just do not want to give anyone any bad eggs. We have the ones that have small shell cracks, but not the membrane and we just give them to the dogs. Keeps the coats shiny. I know that they are probably still good, I just dont want to risk anything.


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Aug 25, 2012
If you rinse, do so with warm water.

I wipe mine off (with a warm damp paper towel if they have stubborn dirt) and leave on counter. They can last a month like that. If I am giving them away, I will rinse them with warm water and put them in fridge. I always give away refrigerated eggs to people who aren't familiar with backyard eggs.

They say never rinse in cool water. It apparently sucks in bacteria. However, I have rinsed plenty in cold water before I heard that and have been fine.
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Jul 16, 2015
I read an article that said they all should go in the fridge whether washed or not, I prefer washed to keep bacteria from growing. The eggs themselves won't develop but any contaminants can. That being said people do it all kinds of ways, so do what you are comfortable with. Most refrigerated eggs will last about three months. Moisture will slowly evaporate out of them over time and they could take on the flavors of the refrigerator.


Mar 21, 2016
East TN
I guess I'm mostly worried about counter storage. As long as they can last a couple of weeks on the counter washed or not washed, I'm happy


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Nov 27, 2012
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If they're washed,
and they should be thoroughly washed (not just kinda wiped off) by rubbing every part of shell surface under running water that is warmer than the egg,
they should be refrigerated.

I only wash the ones that are poopy, then dry and refrigerate for my own use ......the rest stay on the counter until sold or used, usually not longer than a couple weeks.

The natural bloom on the egg protects it from infiltration of bacteria, if bloom is washed off it egg then needs refrigeration.
Washing in water 'warmer than the egg' keeps internal contents of egg from contracting and drawing in anything on outside of egg thru shell pores....simple physics.

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