Egg mystery (first eggs!)


9 Years
Feb 28, 2010
Good morning! I have an egg mystery on my hands and I wonder if anyone can tell me the solution.

I have four hens that I bought two weeks ago. One a bit over a year old coming out of her first molt, three that are 4 months old. And this morning I went out to refill their feed and had TWO EGGS! Yippee, my first eggs!

But now I wonder - how did I get two eggs?

Sure, the one hen coming out of molt can lay an egg, no problem. But it's supposed to be physically impossible to lay two in one day - especially impossible to lay two in 14 hours. Right?
But there were no eggs yesterday evening when I shut them in the coop. I know there weren't, I was physically inside the coop picking out the parts of some plants that they had refused to eat that day. Chickens don't bury and then uncover their eggs, do they?
The three young hens still have tiny pink combs and pale faces. Aren't the combs supposed to get red and larger before the pullet starts to lay?

Any theories? I'm just curious, I'm going to thoroughly enjoy these two eggs no matter what!
Now that's the sort of problem I'd like to have!!

Maybe she laid one right after you left the coop and another one this morning? Is that even possible? A two-fer?

(I am a real newbie with chickens, so take my comments with a grain of salt)
were they tiny eggs or big eggs? I heard a story about a chicken laying 2 eggs within minutes of each other, the bird was a lonesome unhappy hen all by herself brought to a new flock, hadn't laid in 6 months and walla eggs just like that, so it is possible if she was starting to lay again.
They were both large eggs. Two different shades of light brown.

I'm the only one who lives here! I don't think my neighbors have even noticed I have chickens yet, so it can't be them. My friends know, but I doubt they'd drop off eggs unless they were doing it for a practical joke, in which case they'd drop off two or three dozen or they'd dye them easter egg colors first.
One of my chickens started laying when they were 17 weeks old. I did not expect her to start laying that early. "ve gotten 27 eggs out of 31 days from her so don't let anyone say it's impossible for a 17week old chicken to lay eggs. Of the ones that are only 4 months old check and see how big the gap is between their pelvis bone. If you can get 2 to 3 fingers between their pelvis bone that is the chicken that is probably laying.
Oh my gosh, that is a FABULOUS April Fools' joke. I shall have to play that on someone next April.

I like Sharol's idea, though with the eggs being slightly different colors, I dunno.
I came home from work, and had a THIRD egg! And still the three young'uns have tiny pink combs. This third egg was just as large and perfectly formed as the other two.

All the chickens are a little wild, still, I can't catch them to feel their pubic bones.

Whatever... The three eggs were delicious! Definately not store bought, so somebody must be laying even though they don't look mature enough.
Hey Diane and Sharol, I'm new to chickens as well. When I read the posts on this site, I'm always amazed at how much knowledge other members have. It's nice to have a place to go to learn isn't it? I don't think I could catch mine to feel their pubic bones either

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