Egg night?


10 Years
Jun 23, 2009
Anyone else have to have "egg night" and use up accumulated eggs for dinner?

The kids voted for french toast, and my wife and I had omlets. We might need to have a couple more "egg nights" this week just to free up some fridge space!
yes! I made a 22 egg quiche last week-almost ate it all and kids ate the rest for breakfast leaving just enough for a nice prtein treat for my chickens:) we also do breakfasts on sat morns. I sell all big extra large eggs and save all teh pullet eggs and cochin eggs for us to eat so it's not hard to eat 22 eggs LOL...
LOL that's a good idea. We don't have enough to sell anymore but we do build up a few eggs after a while. We usually make egg pancakes (uses up 7 eggs per batter) and my little boy always begs for "roll up pancakes" as he calls them. French toast sounds good too...haven't had that in a while.
We usually have bacon and eggs, biscuits and gravy at least one night a week. It's DH's favorite meal.
We're dieting right now, so that's out.
Not getting that many eggs with the girls molting, but if a neighbor doesn't need them, the hens get their eggs back; after I've scrambled them.

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