Egg not hatched at day 23-24


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Mar 4, 2018
Hi there, I'm new to the forum and the hatching process. We have been incubating eggs at school and 4/5 hatched at day 22-23 (the last one hatched about 21 hours ago). The last egg still hasn't hatched. We did the float test and it didn't sink right away but stayed near the bottom after a while with no movement. We candled the eggs at day 18 and all showed proper development and movement at that time. The float results are a little confusing... Do you think there's any chance for this egg? We also candled the egg and the air sack is there and has gotten larger from day 18. Can't see any movement in the egg. Thank you!
Never mind... Egg started to smell... That answers my question! Sad, but we got 4 beautiful babies!

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