Egg not hatching day 24

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  1. mmckenzie14

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    Sep 20, 2012
    I have an egg (1) I got from a fried she was going to toss it it was fertilized. She just did not want a chick, i took it on 8/26 and put it in a homemade incubator. My temp was a bit inconstant at first ( 7 days or so ) then constistant afterward. it is now 24-25 days in i believe and no hatch. I did the water test and its a good egg but no movement. I am concerned I raised the humidity . I cannot see a thing when candleing it is a thick brown egg. What should i do, how else can i tell if it is still alive, ive read about pipping the egg to help but i do not know how. can someone please explain.
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    If your temperature was inconsistent it may have delayed the development. But then I also had a chick hatch on day 25 under a broody hen! Sometimes they are a little late. Here's some threads in this link that'll explain about the float test, should you help a chick hatch and how to:
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    Sep 20, 2012
    I did the float test yesterday, only 10% or 15% of the egg was above water ( viable egg) but there was no movement. Ive heard no chirping, no pipping and a cannot see a thing when i candle the egg. I dont know if it has pipped on the inside ( ive heard that, i dont know how to tell) If i open it and it is still alive can i help it out even if has not pipped? where should you open it and how if so. Ill leave it for another day or so
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    so basically it floated at the appropriate level, but the egg didn't move? You could give it another day or so, but the ones we had that were that way were dead in the shell. [​IMG]

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