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    Oct 6, 2010
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    I've had chickens for over three years now and I just love my fresh eggs. I didn't think my husband really cared. He won't go collect eggs from the coop once he discovered that there's only one "output" hole on the backside of a hen. ;-)

    Anyway, last night he's telling me about this snack box he bought from Starbucks and how the hard boiled egg in it, well, the yolk was so pale, it was nearly white. Which nearly brings tears to my eyes because I know that egg came from a hen that's kept in a tiny cage and has probably never seen the light of day.

    He was asking me how I tell the difference between a fresh egg from one of my hens and a battery cage hen egg once cracked in a pan. Obviously, the color. But I know my fresh eggs stand up nice and firm in a pan.

    Does anyone have a photo of the two different kinds of eggs cracked in a pan to show the difference? One fresh back yard chicken egg vs. a battery cage egg that is.

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