Egg problem


5 Years
Apr 25, 2014
What's wrong with my chicken? Is she sick?

Welcome to BYC!

What am I looking at in this pic? We will need more info to help you out here. You can also post questions in our emergency section if we are unable to help you here....

We need to know her age, breed would also help, poop color and consistency, color of comb, injuires, wounds, is she lethargic, laying down, eating, drinking....etc...Anything you can tell us will help to diagnose her.
She is 2 years old. She lost the feathers on her neck. She is a Rhode Island Red. She isn't tired
Is she molting? Or did the feathers get ripped out by the roo or another hen? Can you take pics of her so we can see? Why do you think she is sick?
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! X3 on the feather loss. If your chicken laid that lump/egg it looks like it might be what they call a lash or lash egg, Sometimes they come with an egg, sometimes they are just "laid" alone. They seem to think it is part of the lining of the hens reproductive system, often seems to happen with hens that are internal laying also. Old BYC thread on them and some links with other pics.
Looks like aggression to me. Hens are fighting. You need to put something on this wound, like blu-kote or even neosporin, (without the pain killer). You need to find out which one of your hens is being aggressive and separate them out for a couple weeks. You can also use pinless peepers on the ones being bully's. Never let birds be bullys to each other.

Many times bullying starts because they are cramped in. Chickens need enough personal space so they don't fight with each other. At least 5 square feet in the coop, 10 square feet in the run. More room if you can afford it.

And give them things to do...hanging cabbages or veggies, seed blocks, flakes of hay...just something to do other than pick on each other.

So for now, you need to keep this injured hen in a cage within the flock so she can heal for a few days. Spray the wound with blu-kote or apply some antibacterial ointment. But you will need blu-kote to hide this wound and skin for a while til the feathers grow. You can get blu-kote at feeds stores in the horse section. Spraying this area will stop the others from seeing it and picking on her.

Then you need to figure out where the aggression is coming from and who is doing it. Separate them out for a few weeks or use pinless peepers on them.

Good luck and keep us posted! :)
When I got her, a little while ago she came with no hair on her neck. I see no aggression between my chickens. Her other home had more chickens I think. Maybe other chickens did this?

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