egg problem


Mar 2, 2015
I have 2 hens and they are keep laying shelles or
soft eggs its been 2 week I tried layers pellet
oystershell grit nothing its changing can someone please help
I dont understand whag sould I do
and what do i feed them
Are you still feeding layers pellets? Do you give many treats, and if so, what kind? How old are they? Are they ex battery hens? Did they used to lay hard shelled eggs?
I am by no means an expert, I have only had my chickens for a week. I got my first soft shell today.
Maybe they are not eating the oyster shell? Can you crush up some egg shells and see if they will eat that? I read that it works.
Hi judy they are 2 years old yes im still feeding them pellets
everyday treats for example salad or cheese cumcumber
brown bread no they arent ex battery hens they look very small
and their size is very small . yes they used to lay hard shell eggs
unfortunately that stopped to soft egg shell, shell stuck in her bum
or shelles

Judy can you please write some types of food that are
nutritional for chikens please thank you


my poor hens my rooster is the biggest fatty I have ever seen
and he goes on top of them ,,,, you know fertilise the egg
and their feathers come off I feel like killing him
when i hear my poor chickens with a fat rooster on top of them

Exact after 2 minutes after this picture
he was on top of her
sorry girls ....
thxz judy

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