Egg problems with Khaki Campbells in tropics


Nov 7, 2015
Anyone else raise ducks in the tropics, specifically Khaki Campbells? Does the climate or perhaps the equator mess with laying?

I bought them because they are supposedly the best egg layers but I have really been struggling with them not laying. They started laying and were doing well and then dry season hit and the laying discontinued or there were problems with their shells or they were shell-less. On research it seemed they were heat stressed so we did what we could and waited for the weather to cool. They started laying again and continued laying for a week while we were gone but two days after getting back they suddenly stopped again with no change other than us coming and going. Its been a week now without a single egg again. We have five ducks. They are breeding and their diet hasn't changed. The weather is still cooler like it was when they were laying well a week ago. We have them closed in a run so their eggs are not hidden.

We are at a loss for what can be causing these problems. Would our location cause "seasonal" type laying or periods of laying and breaks like turkeys?

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Aug 31, 2016
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David Holderread actually did a project in Guatemala (told in Storeys guide), and he found found that magpies did better there than campbells, for some reason. IM not sure why, but maybe khakis do better in colder places?

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