Egg problems


12 Years
Jul 22, 2007
Southwest VA
I have some sort of crazy sounding questions, but here goes.

I have 3 hens and a gobbler. I've tried incubating 20 eggs with no luck. I've tried an incubator and broody hens. NOT ONE has shown ANY growth. All turkeys free range half the day and have access to an outside run the rest of the day. They are fed layer pellets and have plenty of water.


1. do turkey eggs have a bulls eye like chicken eggs?
2. is there a possibility the hens could have a problem? All 3 of them? Something that would cause their eggs to NEVER be fertile?
3. anything else you can think of that would be the problem??

All 3 hens lay most days, 1 might take a day off now and then but we are averaging 5 eggs every 2 days.
sounds like your tom is not getting the job done. not 100% of the toms are fertile and same goes with the hens but if all three hens are doing the same thing then that would leave me to beleive the tom is not fertile or doing his job.

How old is the tom ??

Have you seen him breeding the hens ??

Are all 4 of them together 24/7 ??
He is a little over a year old. Yeah, we've seen him with all 3 hens.....or at least trying. Yes, they are all 4 together all the time. When they free range right now, they are only out about 2 - 3 hours (when dh gets home). They don't always get out to free range but even when they do, they are within 10 ft of each other.

**working on getting pics**
I used 3. One is from the black spanish hen and the other 2 are from the bronze hens that came with the gobbler. These aren't the best pics but maybe they'll be good enough. If they aren't, let me know.



well then if the first pic and second pics the yolk has that white spot that shows in the pic then they are fertile. That is what you are looking for is the white spot on the yellow of the egg.

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