Egg production dramatically changed after one death...


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May 19, 2014
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Ok I had 7 chickens,
3 warrens, 2 Sussex stars, 2 polands
A week ago yesterday one the polands died.
Up until the death we where getting 6/7 eggs every day.

Last week we found one Poland (my prof pic) had died in the evening for no visible reasons the next day we had 6 eggs. Since last Sunday I'm luck if I get 2 eggs a day and I know by the size & colour there off the Sussex stars. No polish eggs and none off warrens.

Why could this be? They all seem healthy and happy and other than the death of the one nothing has changed.
Hopefully, they just need time to recover. Remember it takes around 5 days for the egg to form and make its way down, so you are seeing productin from two days after. If nothing else, the death will cause the stress of rearranging the pecking order. And chickens certainly respond to any new stressor.
Thanks for the reply. Still had very poor egg production, it's almost been 3 weeks since the one passed away and eggs started to fall. Now only getting one every other day. Just went out to check there food and water and it looks as though another is dying. The other poland. She is perched in the coop with her head feathers all puffed out and her wings slightly open, not moving at all. I picked her up and her head movements are fine she can stand, but when I pull her wings out they only slowly move back towards her. what in earth is happening??

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