Egg production stopped?HELP!

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  1. Okay I lnow I haven't posted in awhile but here goes. Finally got rid of most of my problems. Now cold weather is coming up and my lovely hens, including the ones that have started laying since i bought them have all stopped laying eggs. It's been pretty cold here and I finally gave up after about a week and put a small heater in the house with the lovelies. My problem is that none of them have resumed egg laying and none of them want to leave the house. Most of my breeds are standard breeds that are supposed to be hardy egg layers in winter months. I have RIR's, BR's, White leghorns, and EE's. anyone that could give me advise to resolve this problem it would be greatly appreciated.
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    You may now consider yourself a member of the No Eggs Club, with membership growing daily. There are so many of us whose ladies have either stopped altogether or just slowed down to 1 egg a day. I am a member!
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    Are they moulting?
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    My girls have slowed way down as well. One hasn't layed in about a month or more. No one is molting either.[​IMG]
  5. Thanks for the induction to the club. LOL I think? Anyway no not all of them can be moulting I staggered thier ages for that reason. They were going strong and now nothing.
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    Im not sure that you really need to put a heater in their house. They seem to be pretty cold hardy, as long as they have good shelter.
  7. well i sell the eggs for the most part and my wife's aunt said when she has that problem that is what she does and works like a charm. So far nothing for me though and it had been about a week. I sure hope I don't have egg eaters.
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    Nov 22, 2007
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    I dont know what kind of heater you are using, but if its electric they really draw a lot of current.
  9. i agree but only running it on the nights that it gets really cold. Been thinking on it for awhile now I also think i am putting in a roll away box just to make sure it isn't just egg eaters.
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    ARe you providing artifical light? Chickens need 14 hrs of light to produce.

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