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9 Years
Apr 26, 2010
My 13 Rhode Island reds are 1 1/2 years old. I am getting between 8-11 eggs per day. Is that normal? Is there something I can do to increase the number of eggs per day? I already have a light plugged in to a timer so that the light comes on at 4:30am.
That's a normal and wonderful number of eggs. Time to buy more chickens?


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Thanks, I'm new at this and wasn't aware of what to expect. You are right, time to buy more hens.
I dont think you are going to get more than that. if you want eggs through the winter though, put in a heat lamp. it keeps them laying, sometimes they lay even more, and it also keep them warm in the cold winter
I'm no chicken expert. My mom wouldn't turn the heat on at our house. She always said it would keep us from getting sick.You know the hot then outside you get cold. In other words if you stay acclimated to the cold your body will adjust to being cold. It seemed to work or maybe she was trying to keep the electric bill down.LOL.
It's also a good way to burn down your chicken coop. Chickens don't need heat--extra light from a 60 w bulb on a time to extend light to 14 hrs will help but heat, especially for RIR's isn't necessary. Forget a heat lamp!!
Sounds like plenty to me. I'm still waiting on that $200 egg. Mygirls are almost 19wks old and still nothing. But I'd rather them be later and not have to worry about health problems from maturing too early. I can wait.

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