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6 Years
Aug 16, 2013
Low Desert, CA
Hi I have 4 Buff Orpingtons that are still maturing. I got the Orpingtons after doing research and deciding they were the best overall bird for me to breed. However, I was just looking at the reviews and many people say that their egg production is only so-so for the amount of food they eat.

How many eggs do you get from your buff Orpingtons?

What other heritage breeds that are dual purpose and eat less are there? Oh and they need to have large white eggs because I will need to be able to tell them apart from the Buff eggs when its time to hatch under a broody hen.
My Buffs are some of my best layers. They can lay anywhere from 5-7 eggs a week. Of course it varies from flock to flock, and has a lot to do with quality of feed, foraging/free range ratio, etc. Unfortunately most Dual Purpose breeds are going to eat more than the lighter breeds, that's just something that comes with the package. Dominiques are a little smaller and lay well, Delawares are popular, as well as Barred Plymouth Rocks, Wyandottes, and Brahmas. All lay different shades of brown. But once you have had them for a little while you can tell the difference in egg color for each chicken. It's just something you learn along the way. So you don't necessarily need white eggs. I find that any of these breeds has a good egg/feed ratio. But again, if you are feeding quality feed, they eat less. Also offering fresh fruits and veggies as treats help as well. Hope this helps.
It depends on a lot of factors. What kind of Buff Orpingtons do you have? Are they breeder stock, hatchery, English Orps? My English Orps were never the greatest layers, but as with most breeder quality stock (in any breed), you get fewer eggs in exchange for the quality. Orps can go broody, so this will affect their egg output as well - as they do not lay while brooding/raising babies. If your Orps are from a hatchery, they will lay fine for you, that is what they are bred to do.
Yes mine are from a hatchery. I do feed them fruits and herbs and string cheese because I like to see them happy. The feed I am using is medicated right now but I plan to get them off it soon. Unfortunately there is not much in free ranging here because of the desert but they do occasionally find a cricket. I love them but I do want to have 5-7 eggs a week each and some of the reviews are saying only every other day egg laying. I don't mind them going broody as I am using them for food too and a broody hen will hatch future layers or cockerel soup.

If mine are from a hatchery and eventually lay 5-6 eggs a week does that mean their offspring will also lay that many?

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