Egg quality problem


5 Years
Mar 30, 2014
I have 2 RIR hens that have been laying gorgeous eggs since July, usually 2 per day? But this morning they layed an egg that didn't really have a shell. I will attach a pic. Any ideas on what would cause this? They free range all day in our backyard so I would doubt they're missing any vital nutrients. Thoughts?
Are you also feeding them layer? If not that could explain the lack of a shell. When hens are laying they need high amounts of calcium in their diets.
Since you're feeding layer feed, the feed shouldn't be a problem. Still, it wouldn't hurt to supplment with either crushed oyster shell or egg shell, for added calcium. This could correct the problem if it is caused by not enough calcium.

It's also possible that this is just a fluke occurrence. Even the best layers may occasionally have soft-shelled or imperfect eggs. It can be caused by small glitches in the reproductive tract. Stress can cause soft shelled eggs as well.

As long as this doesn't happen repeatedly, your hens are probably fine.

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