Egg question


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Mar 26, 2013
Outside St. Louis MO.
My hens have only started laying within the last couple weeks. I noticed occasionally when rinsing brown eggs in hot water, that little brown spots would appear on the egg shell. I didnt think anything of it. Then yesterday I found a small brown egg in the grass next to the coop. I assume it was laid there from the previous day due the fact that all 6 birds laid eggs yesterday. Anyway, I picked up the egg and inspected it. I noticed the same small brown spots on the shell. It has been quite hot over the last few days. Am I correct in assuming that these spots are a result of the shell being heated up by the hot water and high temperatures during the day? I flipped the egg over and noticde that there were no spots on the bottom side that had been in the grass.
So, what causes the spots? And is the egg from the grass safe to eat after sitting in the 100 degree sun/heat for over 24 hours?

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