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    I just made a incubator after seeing someone elses on here. Its just a ten gallon aquarium with fan, dish of water, and humidity/ thermostat. I have a few questions about my chicken eggs

    1 when I go to collect my eggs its hard to grab em when their warm. I check tons during the day but their usualy a little cooled off by the time I get them. Do they have to still be warm to incubate them? Im assuming so but thought id ask.

    2 I tried using a flashlight and a candle and i dont see anything, my eggs dont go see through when im looking at them, lol. How do you do that, Any advice on candling would be great cause i seem to be challenged, :O)

    3 I know this question opens a can of worms, but can people post their humidity at what stages without a huge expenation. I just want to look at what the majority of people are doing and go with the most common. I read past posts and it gets confusing with so many different views. I read someone kept it at 75 through the whole proccess but i think those were a different type of egg. Seemes easy to keep it at one tempature. Whats your temps?
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    Quote:1. I usually collect my eggs and then put them in the incubator all at once, so i don't have a staggered hatch. In fact, many folks actually cool their eggs while they're waiting to incubate.

    2. To candle, you need to be in a dark room, or i do. I use a plastic planter, with a hole in the bottom and turn it upside down over a lamp. I stick the whole thing in a linen closet where it's dark and then put the egg over the hole in the bottom of the pot. This article has a similar idea, so you can get an idea. 9611804837105417647568

    3. Temp 99.5-102. I really don't worry if it fluctuates between those temps. Humidity: between 25 and 55 until lockdown, then 50-60. I got my instructions from the dry incubation post on here.
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    Quote:i really honestly believe this depends on what part of the united states you live in...and what your natural environment is like...... I try and keep the incubator temp as close as i can to 99.5......this dont happen often here....texas summers are brutal sometimes and even house A/C units cant keep up........... ive had my temp fluctuate from 86.9 to 103.5 the last batch i hatched....5 outta 6 chicken eggs and 34 outta 38 quail eggs hatched...........
    there is not a exact science to this....its more of a trial and error until you find what works for you........

    i have quail hatching right now and chicken eggs due friday are in the same incubator......i tried something a little bit different this time and just ran the humidity around 50% the entire time.......heck i even forgot to turn off the turner 3 days ago.for i didnt even do a lockdown..........i woke up this morning to 10 little bitty fuzzy butts (quail) running around. and i have atleast 20 other eggs zipped right 33 quail eggs in incubator
    I candled the chicken eggs real quick and saw movement in all of not going to up the humidity and see how things go with the chicken eggs on friday....

    yep i break the rules..[​IMG]...i hatch chicken eggs and quail eggs in the same incubator at the same far i havent had any problems at all and have really good hatch rates.........

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