Egg shape and fertility

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10 Years
Feb 15, 2009
Northern California
Howdy! Two questions...

Will a hen lay the same shaped egg? By that I mean I have two OE pullets laying. I know that yesterday, one laid a wide, normal egg shape, and the other layed a slightly skinnier, longer egg (I watched each lay, so I know who did what, lol). Today, I found an egg of the wide shape, is it safe to assume that the same pullet laid that egg? I need to know the direct crosses of these eggs.

Also, after a roo has mated with a hen, how early will the eggs be fertile? I've been told around one week. Is five days too early? I started collecting five days after the roo met his ladies for the first time, and I'm hoping it's fertile... it's a Golden Duckwing OE.
Some hens will show fertile eggs the day after they are bred, it just depends on where in the process her body is.

And egg shape is not always the same, especially in new layers. While older hens will generally lay the same type egg, variances shouldn't be ruled out.

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