Egg size between hatchery and non hatchery stock?

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    I have been wondering about egg size since I have 2 pullets molting right now, and about their eggs getting larger post molt. It got me thinking, is there a difference in egg size between hatchery and non hatchery stock? I have some of both, but my non hatchery girls are not at POL yet.
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    Actually as a hen gets older her eggs get bigger. I have some that are laying meds and one other that is laying large. The one laying large was one of the first pullets to lay. If your breed lays large, first year they get up to that size next year they are that size. There are exccpetions to every rule though. Some will gain size faster than other and some will be over size the following year and some will not change.

    The differance between hatchery and non hatchery is size of chickens for one. Non hatchery most of the time are bigger and laying will usually not be as often for non hatchery too. hatchery chickens are bred for laying so will lay more then non hatchery. Size wise no there would not be much differance.
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