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    I've searched several different sites, with different results [​IMG] , so I thought I'd ask owners of the different breeds what size eggs their girls are laying.
    I thought I had carefully chosen large egg layers ~ looks like I was wrong.

    Barred Rock lays a nice large egg... 2 - 2.5 oz eggs.
    Buff Orp has layed 3 large eggs, and all the others mediums.... 1.8 oz eggs.
    Wyandotte lays medium eggs.... 1.8 oz
    Austrolorpe I'm not sure. : ) I know she's laying but I've not actually caught her in the act. I have a strong hunch her eggs are 1.8 oz, also.

    If I purchase any replacement birds, I would like to have a hen that will lay large eggs. I bake alot, and this is generally what a recipe calls for.


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    Jun 14, 2008
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    Eggs will get bigger, but less frequent, and the hen ages.

    My girls are still young - about 7 months - and lay eggs in the 51-56g range. (1.8-1.99 oz)

    My RIR is an egg machine. Man, watch that girl go! Big, dark eggs 7-8 days in a row.
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    From what I have heard Delawares lay large eggs as do white leggon (can't spell today). A lot of others lay med. to large. All start out smaller when they are pullets and after the molt usually as the others say get larger and less often . Jean
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    my RIR and BR girls lay large to extra large eggs (BR lay the occasional extra large). My RIR are 3 years old now and starting to slow down to 3-4 eggs per week. My BR are still young and can push out an egg almost every day. I have several austrolorp and mutt hens all lay medium eggs.

    If I remember right when I was starting out and looking for large brown layer in addition to RIR and BR on my list were, delawares, orpingtons, wyandotte, barnvelders & wellsummers.
    It was just so happened that all I could get were RIR and BR at the time.


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