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  1. Patster

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    Hi everyone,
    I just bought 3 new brown(red?) chickens that were 19 weeks old(one month ago), and have now started laying(woo hoo!), but their eggs are small. Will they get bigger(the eggs)? These chickens seem to be the same size as the others. Just wondering...
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    Depends on what breed they are.
    They usually start laying with a smaller egg.
    Where did you buy them?

    Watch this to learn how to upload a picture, then upload a few of your flock.
  3. Ol Grey Mare

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    New latter's generally stay with fairly small eggs...the size increases to the standard size for that breed over the first several weeks of layng
  4. GC-Raptor

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    My Golden Comets started out laying 42/43 grams and within a couple of months were averaging 64/70. At 14 months of age they average 64/77 many times larger, 80s up to 95 grams, depending on individual hen GC
  5. Patster

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    Wow that was fast!! I bought them at my local Co-op, and I am not sure about the breed. I will call them and ask. I will come back with answers and pictures. Thank you!
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  6. Patster

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    Ah ok I understand...Thanks! Maybe I will keep a mini journal(just for fun).
  7. aart

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    Most pullet eggs are small.....can take from a couple weeks to 6 months for them to get bigger.
  8. patvetzal

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    For the past ten years or so my wife has prided herself with the huge eggs that our hens were laying. Mostly RIR's or leghorn battery birds. When asked she would proudly explain about the great food they found while free ranging.
    Our present 5 hens started to moult so I picked up four new birds from a local livestock "wheeler dealer" but the new bird are giving average sized eggs and my wife refuses to give any to her two customers as she is embarrassed with the size.....

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