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    K I have 1 RIR that has layed for a few weeks now and they are on the very small to small size. Then I have 1 EE and 1 Orpington, they also have the same size eggs just started the first of this week laying. Well my question is.. I have a friend with the same type of birds with the exception of a sexlink in her bunch. Her eggs are large and there is one that is always laying really large eggs and no they are not double yokers. So what I want to know is does what you feed them effect the egg size. Is there a way to get bigger eggs out if them? I feed them layena unlimited shells and granite also chicken scratch for treats. And free range around the backyard a couple of hours a day.
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    Only time will increase the size of their eggs. They start out small when the hen first starts laying and get larger as time goes on.
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    Time and age. Best to start out small and work there way up naturally anyway... otherwise things could tare owww. [​IMG]
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    Everyone is right, the older the bigger. I read somewhere that at 30 weeks the eggs will be about as large as they will get. But I would think that is based on an average start lay age, and every bird is different.

    I came across a chart yesterday that is full of great information. Maybe someone at BYC created it, I don't know but it was helpful. It describes all breeds, their physical size, traits and egg color and size plus more!

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