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    I have a question about the eggs my girls are producing. They 20 weeks old and just started laying sporadically about a week ago or so. I have RIR who produces every other day or so, one decent sized egg. I wouldn't say giant sized, but decent. This morning however she laid one about the size of an elongated ping pong ball! [​IMG] Several of my other birds have started to lay. A BO and a SLW both produced egg similar in size to bright eyes(the RIR) egg this morning. I think I have quail that look like chickens!!!! Will they get bigger?
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    Chickens begin to lay at 18 weeks. The egg sizes will start out small or medium and progress up in size over the next year or so. Sometimes a pullet will lay a larger egg because its body hasnt quite figured out what size or how many yolks to drop. Bright eyes being a RIR will grow to lay larger eggs due to her breed.

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