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    Apr 29, 2013
    When do the size of the eggs usually start growing? 2 out of my 5 pullets have started laying for 4 days. 3 more eggs till a dozen! Also, does layer feed ensure the chickens have all the nutrients they need for laying? Should they have 24/7 access to layer feed?
  2. Our only have layer feed when we feed them, otherwise they have to forage

    USUALLY, it's only a week or so before the eggs get full size, but it can be anwhere between 1-2 eggs, to like 4 weeks.
    Congrats on the eggs :D
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    The eggs get larger and larger until they are full sized, in some breeds this isn't until they are a year old. Our RIR's laid medium to almost large eggs as pullets but now (at a 14 months old) some of their eggs are so large they don't fit into the egg cartons made for large eggs.

    As for feeding. Everyone does it differently. We never have food or water in the coop, but the hens are only shut in from dusk to dawn. I do feed my hens 'breakfast' (about a cup per bird) of our leftover supper, butter (or goat) milk, veggie scraps, crushed egg shells, sometimes eggs and fermented feed. They free range but have access to feed all day though they don't really eat much of it until late in the day when they are getting ready to go in to the coop for the night. My hens are very plump active and healthy. During summer we are getting 5-6 eggs a day if it;s hot and 7-8 when it's cooler.
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    I've been getting eggs about 4 weeks now (they're 22 weeks old) and it seems like it depends on the breed. My BR laid a large egg right from the start. My 2 RIR's started out smaller and finally they are getting bigger but still not huge. My one EE lays a med green egg (3 full weeks) and the other EE started laying a tan small egg and today it was med on the way to large. My CW is a small bird in general so her egg is small and so is my Cochin's.

    My girls don't free range so they have access to food 24/7 and I offer oyster shell free choice for the calcium. I also give them their egg shells back to them sometimes. Silly girls think it's a treat! I give them some crumbles moistened with water in the morning as well but I'm going to switch to evening because someone always misses out because they're sitting in the nest. They love that!
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    Apr 29, 2013
    Mine are white leghorns, they have access to grower/finisher feed and water, they free range almost daily, dogs gotta do their business. I just put a small dish of egg shells for calcium in the coop.

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