Egg sizes? Duck or goose?


Jun 20, 2018
Rock Creek, BC, Canada
Penny for scale. One on the right is definitly a duck egg (58g)
One on the left is 105g

Finally getting my first eggs ever! I though it was just a duck laying but now I’ve since found two jumbo sized eggs.
I thought the duck eggs seemed small at first.. but the larger ones seem...well.. too huge? They’re 105grams each. The other eggs that I have been collecting are around 55-60grams.
Is it possible to have this much size difference in duck eggs? Or is it possible one of the geese laid it?
Everyone does their laying at night.
I have 3 female Anconas and 2 emden geese (sexes unknown, hatched end of June)
Maybe a goose but my eggs ranged so far from each other in sizes when I fist got them. Once I got one the size of half a ping pong ball and then another a double yolked. They have evened out now that they have been laying longer.
Could be goose. Mine was hatch in Feb of this year and laid 28 fall eggs. Both my ducks and geese started small and got bigger, but you can get all kinds of crazy things until their systems get regulated. My favorite was rubber egg with a tail. I thought I had an alien visitation.....
My duck eggs are around 70 grams, and my large peafowl eggs are about 13O grams. It's been a long time since I had a goose egg, but I remember them being much larger than peafowl eggs. Maybe they're double yolk duck eggs, or maybe they're small goose eggs?

@Pyxis, how it are your goose eggs?
I think a bit too small for goose eggs. I keep records of the weights of my goose eggs because I track weight loss in incubation. I breed the smallest breed of domestic goose, and even their eggs are over 150 grams. Just checked one of my weight charts and I hadn't erased all the info yet. Looks like the starting weight of my first egg of the year this year was 188 grams. It could maybe just be a super small one from a first time layer, perhaps, but my thought would be it's just a large duck egg, maybe a double yolker.
Well, I guess I’ll have to have one for breakfast and find out if it’s a double yolker haha.
Sounding like it may not be a goose egg, But who knows.. would it be common for them to lay in the same nest as the ducks? They’re all being laid in the same pile.
Mine would make her own nest when outside the coop but shared with the ducks if she had to go while cooped. You may be able to tell when you fix breakfast. Duck eggs have larger yolks and less white. Goose eggs have a white to yolk ratio more similar to chickens.

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