Egg smashed while hatching - *Update* She made it! With pics

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    My Australorp was hatching her. I don't know when she pipped since I didn't check last night, but this morning she had. She hasn't peeped at all and there's only been movement when I tapped on the egg (she would gently tap back). I wetted it with a rag this morning but there's still been no progress at all and the membrane was solid opaque white, so a little while ago I zipped just a little bit (only the shell--both membranes were intact except that I opened it by her beak.) Then I put the rag around it and stuck it back under the hen. A moment later there was a loud peep and the hen clucked at it (she hasn't been clucking at it at all as far as I've been able to tell.) I got suspicious and checked, and she had smashed the egg somehow.

    All the shell where I had zipped (the side of her head) is completely open and the inner membrane around her head is bleeding. The rest of the shell is just hanging on in pieces with the membrane intact (but I can see some pink on the fractures). The shell is completely missing on the small end. The membrane on the small end however is still together but I can see a lot of pink underneath it. The pink doesn't move when I poke the membrane so hopefully those blood vessels aren't broken.

    I don't own an incubator and I can't put her back under the broody when she's in this condition (no, I don't trust the hen--she is a terrible broody, but she's the only one that was willing to try). Right now I have the chick/egg lying on a dry rag in a tuna can, with wet rags wrapped around but the face uncovered. It's in a cardboard box with a heat lamp over it and a thermometer next to it. Is there anything else I can do? I don't have an electric heating pad but I have a microwavable one. [​IMG]

    She's still breathing strong and opening and closing her beak, but there still isn't any peeping. (But her sister that was born Friday doesn't peep much so it might be genetic.)

    edit: okay here's pictures of what I've got so far and of what condition the chick is in:



    She is peeping now when I talk to her but as far as movement she's just opening and closing her beak, and breathing. If she hasn't bled to death yet, does that mean she isn't going to? In which case my main concern at this point is how to simulate the temperature/humidity of an incubator with only a cardboard box and a heat lamp? Can anyone give me an offhand estimate of what temperature I should be shooting for?
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    100* is the temp I would be shooting for. Don't go higher and if you can't get it that high at least 90*. I hope that helps and good luck!
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    you need to keep it at 100 and try to keep it humid so that the little guy doesnt dry up

    Maybe a paper towel wet with some hot water

    I hope it survives!
  4. Snegurochka

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    Thanks! It's been about 105 so I'll try to get it down just a bit.

    My sister realized that the chick wasn't making progress because the back end of the egg was gone and she didn't have anything to push off of.

    We just got her out of the shell (the inner membrane had stopped bleeding) but the umbilical cord is still attached and there's a little bit of yolk left. We stuck the bottom membrane back up between her legs and wrapped her up in the rag again. She is not happy at all about that and is screaming to be let out. Hope it doesn't take too long to absorb!
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    Jun 15, 2011
    Screaming must be a good sign though, right? At least she's got fighting spirit!
    Really hope she makes it [​IMG]
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    Apr 11, 2011
    I've had shrink wrapped chicks that looked alot worse than that survive. I syringe them a little sugar water to help perk them up a bit while they're absorbing the rest of their yolk/drying off. Good luck- hope shes up and squawking at you soon!
  7. Snegurochka

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    Apr 7, 2011
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    Okay, it looks like the yolky part at the bottom of the membrane is almost completely gone (hard to tell with the chick kicking all over the place) but the umbilical cord is still wet. I've had her wrapped in wet rags all this time, sitting in a bowl so that she can't move--is that hindering the process? Do I need to peel the rest of the egg shell off that bit of membrane and make some kind of chicken diaper to hold it against her? The cord is long so I'm afraid if I just let her out of the rags she might tear it off somehow. If I do make a diaper does it need to be cloth (breathable) or have saran wrap on it? Basically am I trying to get the cord to dry or trying to keep it moist at this point?

    Sorry for being so impatient with her but actually I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow morning (awful timing!) so I have to either figure this out tonight or at least explain to my sister what needs to be done.

    On the plus side the chick is really energetic. Whenever I unwrap her to check she flaps her wings and kicks her legs, trying to get away. And she screams to be let out whenever she wakes up. I think she'd definitely be up running around if I didn't have her swaddled.
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    I'd get some electrolyte powder to mix with the water for when you are gone, you can get it at the feed store.
  9. Snegurochka

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    Apr 7, 2011
    Southern Indiana
    Good news! She made it!

    So last night I tried to make a chicken diaper to hold the yolk up, but when I un-swaddled her the umbilical cord freaked me out. I couldn't tell where the cord ended and where intestines might start, and the hole in the stomach seemed to be bigger. I was really afraid of it getting pulled so we ended up tying it off and cutting it. Once we let her up to run around, the umbilical cord dried up and shriveled very quickly--maybe two hours. When I got up this morning it was completely gone, and the hole was already healed. We just called my sister, and the baby is still doing good. Tomorrow she's going to try to put her in the brooder with her sister.

    Here is the new baby:

    And here is her sister Caroline that hatched on Friday:

    They're Easter Eggers with 1/4 Australorp (their grandma hatched them). Their mama is the only other chick I've ever hatched.
    Thanks everybody for the advice and the well wishes!
  10. Pickaduck

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    May 21, 2011
    Awwwwwwww!!! She and her sister are SO cute!! I love those pictures - especially the last one!! So sweet! [​IMG]

    Congrats on your little ones! [​IMG]

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