egg song for another hen's egg!


8 Years
Jul 29, 2011
Salem/Jarvisville, WV
Crockpot laid an egg a few minutes ago, and Barbecue stood in the yard 'announcing' it until I went out and collected it (she and Oregano had already laid theirs this morning). What a bunch of goofballs!
Cute! I guess that's where the saying "like a couple of hens" comes from. They all gab about eachother's business.
If my one Isa Brown hen "Red" sees another hen in a nest box she will keep squawking the egg song even though she never laid an egg!
She can probably keep "singing" for over 5 minutes.
Wilma does that every day. When Penny lays, Wilma blabs about it. Then Wilma will sit in the box for like 30 minutes and come out screaming but NOTHING! Then about an hour later, she goes in and lays an egg without a peep. I think she has mental issues....
At my dad's house, I noticed a rooster on the nest. His hen was out and about (It's a pair that are in a small coop together.) I said, "Daddy, looks like that rooster is going to lay." And a few minutes later the rooster came off the nest and started to sing the egg song. Then the hen got on the nest. I didn't hang around long enough to see if she laid, but I did tell my dad, "See! I told you he was trying to lay an egg!"
The story behind the names: when we got our first two hens, I had already told my children that while they are cute, and fun to watch, they are more livestock than pets, and that when they are no longer laying that they will have to come in the house for dinner (as in, to be ON the menu). We agreed that naming them 'food' names was a sensible thing to do; we can call them by name but we are reminded that they will end up on the table (in stew and as broth, most likely) at some point.

the two older ones are Crockpot and Drumstick, and the two younger ones are Oregano and Barbecue.

I may have also mentioned elsewhere that the next two (hopefully Dominiques) will be Fricassee and Marsala.

Other future names: Dumpling, General Tso (equal opportunity, girl generals are OK with us), Casserole, Nugget...
we bought a cow and calf some years ago to process the calf and then sell the cow. I named the calf Ribeye. And yes, he did taste good and was tender, lol.

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