Egg did not say it wasn't pretty!


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Jul 9, 2010
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So I got my first egg Wednesday, another one Thursday and today there are two hens in nest boxes. The rooster has been crowing off and on for an hour. Once in a while he goes into the coop to check on the girls....I think that is what he is doing. (the Lone Rooster is crowing too...poor thing...I keep explaining this is for his own good and I am looking for two girls for him...he is in the tractor because of the other rooster)

But I have been out there several times this morning. The girls were loud...some more than others. Yak, yak, yak-yak. Sounded weird. I came back inside and could hear the rooster again getting loud. That was when I realized there was someone in the OB ward. So, I backed out....can do my chores later. Then I went around to the window thinking I would just see who it was.....and there was another one on a nest!!!

By Golly....I just might have enough eggs to feed my DGD and my DH on Saturday when he get home!!

I knew it was getting ready to start. Really their combs and waddles seem to grow and turn red overnight. I could see little signs that they had been in the next boxes....but no eggs. Left town for two days and on the way home my DSN called and said he THOUGHT there was an egg in a nest....yeah, right.....three marble eggs. He said no he really thought it was an was little and brown. I made him go back and check and sure enough it was an egg.

I was not there for the first one. The second day I was home and the girls were really chatty in the morning but no egg. Around 2 I checked again and there was another little sweet egg.

And now I have two on nests!! OB floor is getting full!!!

You know it just makes you feel good. I wanted them to be healthy and they are. I wanted to do the right things so maybe they would lay me some eggs.....and they are! Can't wait to fix breakfast Saturday morning for my DH. He asked me everytime he called if there were any eggs yet. And now there are!!!!

Edit Update: sooooo....went back out a couple hours later and there were two eggs! That makes four no matter how you count them. One was tiny so I have a new layer. The other was a full sized egg! Now.....if the trend keeps up there will be enough for me to have an egg Sunday morning too! Yeah, me!!! Just happen to have pictures.......

Todays eggs!
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So cool...

The first words out of my hubby's mouth when he gets home... "Did the freeloaders pay their rent?" and "How many did we get?"

He sure does like their eggs.

That's awesome. The beginning of getting eggs is so exciting. I danced for days!

And now, i can't even imagine buying eggs from the grocery store! Crazy!

ETA: I think the egg song is very pretty! It means i'm getting eggs! And it also means my chickens are healthy! I love that!
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I love the Egg Song - they are so proud of themselves!

Someone on here posted lyrics to the Song:
It made me laugh then & every time I hear my girls sing I remember it.
something like:

"I laid an egg!
It came out of my butt!
Everyone come & look!"

2 of my 5 are molting now & another is getting over a broody phase so I am down to 1-2 eggs/day.

I am hoarding them like Midas' Gold!
Funny....will have to sing the words to my grandaughter when we go check the nests today! She has been as eggcited as I have been about the eggs.

She pulled out some money this weekend and wants to buy girls for my BR roo that has been banished to the tractor since the alpha roo beat him up three days in a row. He feels punished, I feel I saved his life. So my DGD and I are looking for two girlies for him!
I can't wait for my first egg. I don't even want to think of how much money the first one will cost but it is going to be so worth it! DH keeps threatening to eat the free loaders but I know he is just kidding. How sweet that your grandaughter wants to get some girls for the lonely roo too!
I love to hear any of the noises chickens make.

After years of living in cities or even small towns and hearing a lot of stuff that I didn't really want to hear, a chicken's crow or egg song is music to my ears. I am astounded at people complaining about crowing. Just go live In Chicago for a month and then tell me it doesn't sound good!
ddawn...that is me too. I love the sound. One of mine just started in a minute ago. I look forward to it every morning. I will say before I 'rehomed' the 12 other roosters it really got loud in the mornings and some mornings it was a little too much. But now that I am down to two crowing I can enjoy it again!

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