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Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by TLM, Feb 23, 2009.

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    Feb 23, 2009
    Sacramento, CA
    One of my 2 Delaware hens just started laying at 24 weeks old and has laid 3 eggs in the past 4 days. Yippee!!! However, her egg song is soooo loud. I don't mind, but I live where chickens are not allowed. My neighborhood is pretty relaxed, but the egg song just might push my luck. As much as I love my hens and enjoy them, I am thinking I might trade them for a couple of hens that don't sing the song every time they lay.

    Any advice? I know I should not even have them, but I am just trying to enjoy a little bit of the country in my urban back yard.


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    When I was walking from our barn back to the house this morning, I heard the loudest screeching and thought one of the chickens must be getting hurt! Nope... she was in the nest box singing her own version of the egg "song", so I can understand your worry.

    Congrats on getting your first eggs. I have no words of wisdom for you as I'm fairly new to chickens myself. Hopefully someone will chime in with some advice you can use.

    Just wanted to say [​IMG]. I live east of you, just outside of Placerville.
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    I feel your pain. Unfortunately I don't think you're going to be able to stop them - it is a 'natural' thing for them to do. The only alternative I see is to keep them locked up in a sound proof enclosure till your neighbors are awake ie till like 8-9am and then let them out. The calls aren't nearly as loud when everyone is awake.

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    Mine seem to settle down, once they have been laying for a while.

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    Feb 7, 2009
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    Quote:i've never heard my hens do it. What the heck! One coop is right by my bedroom window!! hmmmm
  6. I never thought of it as a song more so she is gossiping about her egg. It is cute because sometimes the hens an a roo or two will come by and inspect the nest after the gossip. Some do it, some don't and my two leghorns do it way past it being relevant to gossip about.

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