Egg stealing snake

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    Dec 19, 2009
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    OK My darling wife has noticed that there has been a severe drop in the number of eggs from our 3 hens. Then the other day there was a snake in the back yard and the min pin was going bolistic on it. Then today she saw out the window a snake dropped out of the coop from about 3 feet and the two eggs big mama was sitting on were gone. we tried to find it but in the minute or two it took us to get out there it was gone.

    I like my fried egg samaches and need this snake gone. A few questions.....

    how do you catch a snake?

    the one she saw was grey and had a black head bout 2.5 to three feet long and about half as big around as her wrist. What kind of snake could this bee?

    Being a animal lover and animal trapper, we are not afraid and would usually let it be but something has to give.

    Any and all ideas will be tried.

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    Jan 24, 2010
    We noticed black snakes in our basement last spring up near the ceiling around the heat ducts in a corner that we rarely go into. The wildlife removal guy we hired removed 10 huge snakes from around the heat ducts and on top of the concrete blocks. He suggested that we plug the holes in the blocks and use Catchmaster Glue Boards for any snakes that may still get in. They have two sizes a small size about 4"x6" and an extra large size about 18"x 15". We have been slowly working on capping the blocks. But we have been using the glue boards and caught many snakes, once they get stuck on that board they are not getting off!! We caught two big ones this week, with the colder weather coming they are starting to come back in. We order them by the case from an online source and I will not be without them. We are building our coop now and hope to have chicks in the spring. We have made the coop super tight but I will be using these in the coop as well just in case. I hate snakes!!!

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