Egg stuck in rotator

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10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
Eggs (chickens) have been in about a week tried to candle last night and one egg is stuck out of 25. Any idea why it has become stuck in the rotator and how im gonna get it out without breaking it. I know when i put them in i did so gently. For now its not a issue but when it comes just before the hatch its gonna need to come out one way or the other and id perfer not the other lol.
it may have just expanded as it warmed up in the incubator... you might just leave it in the rail and when ti comes time to stop turning the eggs before hatching just leave the egg in the rail tipped to the side. if it hatches then you can just break the egg out (if it doesn't wiggle out on its own). if it doesn't hatch then you can bust it out later.
Check around the edges for residue. If it developed a crack some albumen may have seeped out and basically glued the egg to the rotator. If you don't see anything, just do as above and leave it in there. If there is leakage, you need to get it out ASAP before bacterial growth contaminates other eggs. Probably just moisten around the edge for a few minutes and it should unstick.
Ya i have had the issue in the past with them contaminating the eggs thx im gonna go check.

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