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May 13, 2011
How long is it safe for an egg before you can get it into the refrigerator? My chickens just started laying. I'm only getting 1 egg every other day, so I think only 1 of the 9 has started to lay. I work nights and feed and water and check for eggs when I get home from work. At 8 am there are no eggs. When I get up 4 or 5 I've been finding 1. Also do you have to use the special egg wash they sell or can you just rinse them off? How should they be cleaned. I'm new at this. Thanks in advance. My husband won't eat any of them until someone else trys them first!
It's OK if they sit a day or two. Less is better, especially if it is hot. So you are good.

No need for the special wash. Plain water is what a lot of people use. Just water as hot as you can handle, and rub off any dirt stuck to the egg. Cold water can draw bacteria into the egg. Some people do not wash at all, or wait till they use them.

Tell you husband he is missing out.


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