Egg wait anyone???


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Sep 22, 2010

We have these 4 black australorp freerange freeloaders! At 6 months, still no eggs, barely any combs and tiny little wattles. Anyone want to wait with me?
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I have 4 welsummers and 2 barnvelders. Hatch day was around end of April. Everyday I go out and check.

I am wondering if they get 'noisey' when they are looking to lay? I am 'illegal' but my neighbours don't mind. But they (2 inparticular) are hanging around to coop and being very vocal. Soon? I am hoping to get them going before fall is in full swing! they have lights to trick them with daylight.
I don't know if yours will get noisey - I'm pretty sure that I'm not supposed to have them either, but I'm taking my chances. The australorps are super quiet:) I just checked, still no eggs today. How about you?
Still waiting myslef. I have three BO's and 2 EE's. The past few days they have been hanging out in the coop and digging up both sides of the coop.(deep layer method) Mine are all 26 weeks. No other signes of laying though.
after posting, i went out and checked....I got a egg!!
she was all 'clucky' so i put her in her nest alone in the coop. she went quiet. 30 minutes later, one, perfect, brown speckled egg. waiting to see what today holds. hoping my other girls get on the egg-laying train before fall gets to far along.

Oh, mine are all 25'ish (more) weeks old, too.
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Mine are doing that same thing in the bedding of their coop. We don't get any squatting though. Do you?
22 weeks old. we had 3 pullet eggs last week. nothing since. 16 chickens total.

man o man!! now the cold dark weather is coming. can they do nothing till spring?????

please give me hope.
Well, I hope that we don't have to wait until spring to get eggs! I checked today and nada:( But their combs and wattles are getting a little bigger and redder. Hopefully, something soon!
I only have 1 of my 4 chickens laying. They are all about 26-28 weeks old. My wyandotte has a red face and floppy wattles and my EE's comb is getting bigger and redder. My buff orpington still has a small, light pink comb:( None of the three are squatting or singing an egg song. The only sign that they are remotely close is that they go in and out of their henhouse digging nests...

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