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  1. i have a ee hen that is laying every once in a wile a egg with a hole in it but the hole is kinda sealed up befor it comes out of her bottem ,,,, is that a sign of anything wrong
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    Hi Berkeley Springs, I have no reply to your question, just wanted to say HI from Martinsburg!
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    Do you have a picture?
  4. no sorry no pic till a day or so but the hole is as small as a bb gun would make but it seems to have shell formed in it like the hole was made befor the shell was applied over the yoak inside the hen and houdy martinsburg , i am right accros from cacapon park , one mountian over , the names randy
  5. nice egg color u have and a wonderful flock of birds i have a EE that looks like yours .
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    I don't have an answer either, just HI! from Cumberland!
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    Quote:Could be that a calcium deposit or calcium lump got knocked off the shell before it was laid and left a little hole behind. Hard to tell without a picture. I wouldn't worry about it too much, if the rest of the shell is strong. Be sure they have always have available a good quality layer feed, plus fresh clean water and crushed well-flaked oyster shell in a free-choice dish so they can eat the calcium they need, when they need it.

    If you search BYC, you can find links to websites that describe eggshell quality problems and some of their causes. Sorry, I don't have the links handy, or I would post them here.
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    I just looked up a web site I have and it says it could be from age of bird, lack of calcium, breed of birds { some breeds are prone to this} or they could be stepping on them with claws and puting a hole in it. If there is a membrane over the hole I would think it is a calcium problem. But with out a picture it is hard to say
  9. well thank you , i think it might be calcium and stress, the roosters have torn them to pices (there back ) .thanks 4 thr reply

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