Egg with no shell?


Mar 16, 2009
South Central PA
Have you ever gotten one of these? I found an egg in the nest with no shell it was just a clear membrane and I could see the yolk through it. It was like a rubber egg! I also found something on the ground that looked like a mass of slime and blood partially wrapped in what looked like a soft egg shell. It was really gross. I thought it was a big bloody poop, but it was too slimey and weird to be poop. What the heck was that?
I've had one soft shelled egg, but couldn't see the yolk inside. It happens. If it only happens occasionally and you're offering the girls oyster shell, I wouldn't worry.
Yep...had a few from two of my girls when they first started laying recently. I had jello eggs, very soft shelled eggs (like tissue paper), and just yolk and white, no shell or membrane covering. I was told to lay off any scraps/treats for a few days (I already had oyster shell available). I also gave them a little yogurt ("salted" with their crumbles and oyster I haven't had any issues for the past week and a half or I hope all the kinks have been worked out. I'm sure your girl will be back on track soon enough.
So glad you had all posted about these. I just found one in the yard. The 'girls' have always put their eggs in the coop, so I was surprised to find something out on the lawn. Why does this happen? Are my girls OK?
Yeah, I'll bet the girls are just fine. It just happens. A hiccup in the egg factory. Are you offering oyster shell for your hens extra calcium needs? Most layer feeds that I have seen go awful light on the calcium. Oyster shell is inexpensive and worth it.
I wouldn't worry unless it starts happening regularly. I'm guessing the reason you found it outside is that it wouldn't feel the same to a hen as a hard shelled egg; she probably got caught off-guard.
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